ADA Guide to BUKU

At BUKU patrons needing extra assistance can get information at the INFO BOOTH located outside between the Ballroom and Float Den stages. The staff at this location can assist you with location of all site services dedicated to patrons with disabilities.



At the intersection of Henderson Blvd and Port of New Orleans Place, Lot J has designated Handicapped parking. Please have your government issued placard visible and a Parking attendant will direct you toward the most convenient parking.


Most of the New Orleans public transportation system is equipped to serve people with disabilities on their buses and streetcars. For more information on other public transportation systems please see:


BUKU has a designated an ADA entrance located at the end of Henderson Avenue. This location is closest to the ADA parking area and supplies easy access for patrons. Please see the festival map to get a better understanding for the location of the ADA entrance.


The BUKU site is 100% handicap accessible, the outside concert areas are all concrete and all indoor facilities are on ground level with no stairs. If you are coming as a VIP or would like access to the upstairs portion of the ballroom there is an elevator that will be controlled by venue staff. More information on the use of the elevator can be received onsite at the Information Booth.

If you are concerned that mobility may be an issue around the site all day scooter or wheelchairs can be rented locally through:


All stages at BUKU have dedicated viewing areas for patrons with disabilities. These areas will have folding chairs for patrons who need to get off their feet in these areas. Please respect each other and only use a chair if you need one, we may not be able to provide enough chairs for everyone.


The only area of the festival that is off of ground level is the upstairs balcony of the Ballroom. To access this area there is an elevator that can be used for patrons who need it, it is not open to the public.


At BUKU we are not able to supply personal assistance to our patrons but we will do our best to make sure you have all the information you need to have a great time at the festival.



BUKU is providing accessible toilets in all the major toilet locations, if you need assistance in the location please let festival staff know.


At each toilet location there are sanitation stations that are accessible to all patrons.


This year BUKU is allowing patrons to bring in an empty water bottle. These water bottles can be filled at three locations throughout the site. Free drinking water stations are accessible to patrons with disabilities, if additional assistance is need for drinking water please inquire at the info booth.


All ATM’s on site are accessible to any patron including anyone in a wheelchair or mobility vehicle.


All bars and food vendors are capable of serving patrons with disabilities at all stages. If for any reason issues occur please inquire with the info booth for assistance.


Throughout the BUKU site are multiple medical areas, with the main medical tent adjacent to the Info Booth. New Orleans EMS will be providing medical assistance if any patron is in need at any point. In the case of a medical emergency please alert security or any BUKU staff and they can contact medical staff.


Any patrons who needs to have medication with them at all times must keep their medication in the prescribed container. All patrons are subject to search onsite and if medication is not packaged or labeled correctly, it will not be allowed inside the festival. Any medication that requires temperature control or additional care should be taken directly to medical staff. No prescription drugs allowed unless you have a valid prescription with your name clearly listed on the prescription, in it’s original container. The amount of medication in the container is limited to the dosage required for the duration of the Event.


Service animals such as dogs or miniature horses are allowed at BUKU. All service animals must have proper documentation present when entering the festival. Any patrons with false documentation for a service animal will be ejected from the event. All service animals must have proper documentation present including proof of vaccinations and up to date rabies tags.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact and we can assist you.