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The Dat Dog BUKook-Off is an interactive cooking challenge featuring BUKU-inspired dishes created by you, the fans and will take place at 4:00pm on Saturday, March 14th in the brand new FRONT YARD.

For a chance to compete, post the name of your BUKU-inspired dish and detailed recipe on Instagram with the hashtag #BUKookoff by 6pm CST on Monday March 9th. If you’d rather keep your recipe a secret, you can send your entry to info@2016.buku.abvagency.com. To be eligible to participate at the festival, you must be 18+ with a BUKU weekend or Saturday-only pass – it doesn’t have to be VIP or TOO BUKU VIP; GA is just fine!

The four most creative, GRILLED, BUKU-inspired dishes will be selected to compete against each other in the 2015 BUKook-Off and notified by Wednesday March 11th at 6pm. Contestants will advance their cooking needs (e.g., ingredients, equipment) and cook their dishes within 45 minutes on a propane-fueled BBQ grill in the FRONT YARD at the festival. Contestants will create 50 bite-sized versions of their dish, and the first 50 people to show up to the Dat Dog BUKook-Off will be able to sample the dishes and place their vote!

The winner will receive their choice of either two VIP upgrades for the rest of the day or two GA weekend passes for BUKU 2016! Plus, the winner will have their dish or an aspect of their dish added to the Dat Dog menu for at least the remainder of 2015!

Rules for Eligible Dishes: • No more than eight (8) ingredients • Fifty (50) hors d’oeuvre-style single bite small plates • Able to be cooked on a propane-fueled BBQ grill, using only basic equipment (e.g., 1 pan, 1 knife, a cutting board) • 45 minutes to prep and cook your dish • All participants will be required to sign a release and waiver prior to cooking.

Thank you to our 2015 BUKook-Off sponsor, DAT DOG!